Vegetables’ tartar

This is one of my favorite appetizer to amaze my guests when the weather is hot. That recipe is really fresh and can start a good dinner.

You need 7 oz of sour cream, 0.5 oz of chive, 0.25 oz of basil and some mint leaves, one melon (not too big), 2 cucumbers, salt and pepper.

Cut the herbs (chive, basil and mint) in tinny peaces. In a salad bowl, mix together the sour cream with the herbs, salt and pepper at your convenience. Cut the melon and the cucumbers in little cubes (without the skin and the pips) and put them in separated bowls. Put the three bowls in the fridge for one hour at least to be very fresh.

When it’s time to eat, mix the cucumber and melon’s cubes with the sauce in the salad bowl.

To have a nice presentation, take a plat and put the tartar in the middle with a circle and finish with a mint leave on the top. If you don’t have a circle, you can do it with a clean can (not too high) without the two lids.  Repeat this operation for each of the guests.

Bon appétit !

Hot and cold peach

This dessert is wonderful for summer time when the weather is hot, because it’s really fresh and original.You just need five minutes to prepare it (so you can do it before your guess arrived) and it will cook very slowly 20 minutes during the time you eat your meal.

For 4 persons, you need : 2 peaches, Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, honey and 4 stalks of rosemary.

Start your oven at 350°F. Wash the peaches and peel them. Cut them in two and remove the pit. Put the peaches on an oven-proof dish, hole on the top. Put a spoon of honey inside each hole and cover it with a stalk of rosemary. Put the dish in the oven for 20 minutes.

When it’s ready, take 4 dessert bowls and arrange a peach inside each bowl without the rosemary. Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top and finish the presentation with some whipped cream.

The hot and cold peaches are ready to serve.

Bon appétit !

Tomatoes tart

This tart is really easy to do. You need a pie plate, a pastry base, 5 tomatoes, swiss grated cheese, mustard, salt and pepper.

Prepare your oven with a temperature of 400°F.

Put your pastry base in the pie plate. With a fork, make some holes in the pate. Take a spoon and put mustard to cover the pate (a fine coat of mustard). Cut the tomatoes and prepare fine slices. Put the tomatoes on your pie. Put some salt and pepper according to your taste. To finish, put swiss grated cheese on the top of your pie to cover all the tomatoes.

Put on your oven for 30 minutes (or less if your oven cook really fast) to cook your tart with a temperature of 400 °F.

It’s ready to eat. You can serve it with a salad.

Bon Appétit !