I cure my boy’s stomachache with food

My older son, Pierre, was sick last week. He had a stomachache. With three little kids, if you go to the doctor at the first sign of illness, you can spend a lot of money, even in France, because the babies medicines cost more and more. So, here, I will give you my secret to look after a stomachache with food and it works with everybody : babies, kids and adults.

I gave my son : ham, rice, carrots, bananas and black chocolate. That’s the best way to look after him. Sometimes, I gave him pasta (without sauce or butter) and apple sauce. I gave him water to drink very often to avoid the dehydration and, sometimes, some coca cola. If the gastroenteritis is really serious, I can also give him the cooking water of the rice to drink.

For the stomach pains, I kept my son at home, relaxing with a very warm hot-water bottle on his stomach. Don’t forget to wash hands very often and to disinfect it with gel to avoid the contagion of all the family.

You can trust me, my son was fine after two days of that diet. And it’s always the same each time one member of my family is sick.


Switzerland may be a tiny country on the map, but it is really a big country for gastronomy, culture and mountain landscapes. In Switzerland, you can speak French in the South, German in the North and Italian on the East side. I’ve visited twice and really enjoyed it each time.

You should visit Lausanne for the beautiful mountain lake, Leman and the fabulous Olympics museum (the IOC offices are in Lausanne). Teenagers will love it because they will see the real bar of High Jump World Record holder Javier Sotomayor and Carl Lewis’s golden shoes, with which he has done the 100 m world record time.

You should also go to Geneva to taste the fabulous Swiss Chocolate and buy a nice watch. The most important concentration of watch factories are in Geneva.

The capital city is Bern. Here you can see the castle where the government is located. You should also visit the museum about one of the most famous Swiss scientists, Albert Einstein.

Don’t forget to visit the biggest town in Switzerland, Zürich. The old city center is wonderful, with the churches, old houses and castles. You can also visit the headquarters of the International Federation of Soccer. Here you have some good addresses in or around Zürich :

Café Schober : http://peclard-zurich.ch/ You should absolutely taste the famous hot chocolate. You would love the intimist and felted atmosphere, wonderful for a comfortable break in winter.

Juckerfarm : http://www.juckerfarmart.ch/ Nice place for kids and their parents, 20 minutes of Zürich, in the picturesque little village of Seegräben. You’ve got a fantastic view on the Pfäffiker See’s lake and you would found biologic store and goats park. You should also pick fruits in spring and autumn. Fabulous for brunch, lunch or dinner with friends or family in the countryside.

Babu’s Backery and Coffeehouse :  http://www.bobo-l-escargot.ch/De/CafeBabu. A nice place for all the family, where you can have a brunch or just drink a coffee.

Chäsalp Restaurant : http://www.chaesalp.ch/ One of my Swiss friends favorite restaurant, very closed from Zürich but in the countryside. The place is situated in 2025 ft over the sea level ! It’s a major restaurant to go if you want to taste Swiss food specialties. The prices are specified in Rappen, that means in Swiss francs cents and you would pay the built according to your size !! That’s just unbelievable and very funny for the kids, who would love also meet the nice rabbits in the restaurant.

A fabulous place to stay during your vacations : http://www.thedoldergrand.com/ Try this hotel, it’s just amazing.

To taste a good swiss cheese, make a stop in a little mountain village and try is with the wonderful view in the background, just before you start a little mountain walk. After all the effort, you can relax in a fabulous balneotherapy center. There is a lot in that country and it’s just amazing.

If you want to learn more about Swiss culture, how the Swiss people live, and have fun, you really should watch the movie « Welcome in Switzerland », with the french actor Vincent Perez. It’s a really good one, I love it. I think you can watch it on VOD in the US.