Go to the restaurant with the kids

Have you ever been afraid to go to a restaurant with your little kids because they will be like monsters? Hoping they won’t run around the tables and shout? Well, usually, you would prefer to hire a babysitter, right ?

I keep my three kids with me each time we go to a restaurant (except when we want to have a romantic dinner, of course). We have the kids accompany us since they were babies. I can tell you, I don’t spend my time running after them. They just sit quietly at the table and trust me, I don’t give them medications to be nice :).

Here is my secret : give them food they love like nuggets with french fries, for example, or bread and ice cream. During the time they eat, they are nice. I’ve bought two booster seats for the twins which look like suit cases when it’s closed.

After they’ve eaten, if you haven’t finished your own lunch, give them a game you have brought from home. My favorites for the restaurant are books and coloring. For the babies, as their attention is way shorter than ours, even with their favorite toy, I keep with me a lollipop and blanket to relax at the end of the lunch. Enjoy your day !