Banana croque-monsieur

Here’s a fabulous and original dessert, that you can also eat for your breakfast! If you like bananas, you will love it.

To prepare one, you need : Half a banana, 2 slices of bread, butter, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and cinnamon.

Take the bread and spread butter on one side of each slice. Sprinkle with some sugar on the butter. That will make it nice and brown when you grill it. Turn over the slices prepare the other side of the sandwich. Cut the banana in very fine slices and arrange it on the bread. Be sure you have covered the entire slice, especially the edges so your sandwich won’t  be dry on the edges. Drizzle sweetened condensed milk over the bananas and sprinkle cinnamon on top. Close the sandwich with the second bread and be sure the butter and sugar side is outside.

Put in the oven grill for two minutes on each side. Be careful, it cooks really fast and can turn… to burnt!

Bon appétit !

Croque-monsieur (toasted ham and cheese sandwich)

In France, we too have our national hot sandwich : it’s not the hamburger but the « Croque-monsieur », a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Easy and fast to prepare, this sandwich is very well known in French families for a fast dinner at the end of the week-end, for example.

To do 6 croque-monsieurs, you need : 12 slices of bread, 6 slices of ham, 6 slices of Swiss cheese (or grated Swiss cheese), some sour cream and some grated Swiss cheese.

Put 6 slices of bread on a cookie sheet. Spread some sour cream on each slice, making a fine layer. Add the slices of ham on each slice. Cut it on the sides not to exceed any sandwich. Add the slices of Swiss cheese above the ham and close the sandwich with the second slice of bread. Sprinkle each croque-monsieur with some grated Swiss cheese to brown.

Put the sheet in your oven for 12 minutes at 400 °F. Your croque-monsieur should be well browned on the outside and soft inside. It’s ready to serve and you can accompany this dish with some salad. You can also cut the sandwich in little pieces for kids.

The traditional croque-monsieur has two different variations :

The croque-madame where you replace the grated cheese on the top of the sandwich with an egg you’ve just broken over the bread before putting it in the oven.

The banana croque-monsieur for dessert or breakfast. I will give you the recipe very soon.

Bon appétit !