Picnic with twins

Summer is perfect to organize a picnic with all the family, even if you have 20 months old twins. How will you do it without transforming that should be relaxing day into a nightmare ? Easy !!

First, find a good spot : a garden with games for kids, a lot of trees for shaded spaces to eat, a secure river or a lake around for the view.

Secondly, prepare sandwiches for everybody because you have nothing else to bring with you, except babies’ bag to be change. (I can tell you, the old big icebox you had to bring all the time is dead !) You will ask me : what about babies food ? Like us, sandwiches : they love to eat very small ones with soft food inside like « pâté ».

To finish, find an ice cream store and taste some new flavors with the kids. For the nap, babies can sleep in the stroller or in the car when you will ride back home.

Enjoy the day with your family and have fun !