Foie gras in three versions – puff with a foie gras moss – Christmas Eve Menu 4/9

078That starter was a real success. All the family was really surprised to find as a starter, a dish which look like a dessert. There is three parts on it : a puff with a foie gras moss, a foie gras candy and a foie gras crème brûlée.

To do the puff with a foie gras moss, you need : 7 oz of cooked foie gras and 3/4 cup of liquid cream for the moss and, for the puff pastry, 3 eggs, 1.7 oz of butter, 3.5 oz of flour and 3/4 cup of water.

Start with the puff pastry : in a pan, boil the water with the butter. Stop the fire and put all the flour. Beat strongly until the dough is homogeneous. Then put the pan on the fire set very low, until the dough dry out and get loose of the pan. Put the dough in a bowl and leave it cooling. When it’s cold (about 15 minutes later), add an egg and beat strongly until it disappeared in the dough. Repeat it with the second egg and the third egg.

Preheat the oven at 350 °F. Take a plate of pastry and two teaspoons. In a spoon, you take some dough and you form a little bowl on the plate of pastry. Repeat it until you used all the dough (about 20 puffs). Put the plate in the oven for 20 minutes. Put off the oven but don’t open it. You should leave the puffs inside during 2 hours to dry. They are ready to be cut and furnished.








The foie gras moss : cut the foie gras in pieces and put it in a pan with the liquid cream and cook it slowly until the foie gras become a sauce. Put that preparation in a bowl and cool it in the kitchen (about 1 hour)  then, in the fridge (at least 2 hours).










One hour before to serve it, cut the puffs and furnish it with the cold foie gras moss. It’s ready.

Bon appétit !