scallop in a champagne sauce – Christmas Eve menu 7/9

092My first main course is really fast to do and really good. You can do it when your guests are around the table and have started to eat.

To do it, you need for 12 guests : 36 fresh scallops, 3/4 cup of liquid cream, 2/3 of a champagne bottle, some chervil, some chive, 2 shallots, 1 oz of butter, salt and pepper.

In a frying pan, put the butter and the scallops (you have already washed and wiped with an absorbing paper). Frying the scallops 2 minutes on each side. Reserve it out of the frying pan. Mix the shallots in little pieces. Put the champagne and the shallots in the frying pan and cook it until the champagne reduce by half its volume. Then, add the chervil and the chive you have cut in little pieces with the cream. Put some salt and pepper, at your convenience. Add the scallop to hot it a little bit (around 1 minute).

Dispatch the scallops and the champagne sauce in your serving plates. It’s ready to eat.

Bon appétit !

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