Enlarge the house

When my husband and I discovered that I was pregnant with twins, one of the first things we started to think about (well just after the big surprise of that news!!) was that we need to enlarge our house, because we just had two bedrooms. But enlarge a house with two babies and a little kid and continuing to live inside wasn’t easy to organize.

We engaged an architect, who suggested two different projects. We choose the one which didn’t modify the existing house. That means the work site was separated from our home by a window on one side and by a door on the other side. So, we didn’t have the inconveniences of the construction site in the area we used to live (except the noise some days). At the end of the work, we just had to break between the two connections.

The first year the babies were born, they lived in the library, which is a little room about 8′ x 8′, only separated from the living room by a simple curtain.

A company did the extension in wood, and then we managed to do the other work by ourselves to save some money. We had to make the biggest extension we could imagine if we would have just had one baby more. In fact, we doubled the living space. We are very lucky with our family : my husband and his father put plasterboards, my husband did the electricity, my husband’s nephew, who’s only 19 years old did the plumbing, my brother in law and his son in law did partition walls, my father paved the stone floors and walls and I did all the paintwork. Thanks to all of them because, except for my husband’s nephew who is a real plumber, every body did it on their free time because they are talented.

I’m sure you will ask who was keeping the kids when I was painting ? Pierre was at school and Leo and Renan were taken care of by my mother or my mother in law. They were staying at home alternately during that period and slept on the sofa in the middle of the living room. I’m so grateful to them. I’m really proud of my family and in laws for all that work, which offered us a new house, and a very comfortable one for our family. Everybody has his own bedroom now with a real door and more, our guests can sleep in a real bedroom too.